SIMPLY SLOW was founded in the summer of 2012 by Marije Mulder and Eva van Dongen. They shared a common idea that there is a lot to explore to simplify your life. The first steps were created with the aim to value authenticity and the ordinary. With the help of a small team at their Amsterdam based studio their first concept developed even further. SIMPLY SLOW has been growing over a year with a strong focus on authentic crafts and pure food, building a community and getting together. Nowadays the SIMPLY SLOW studio is experienced across all areas of graphic design, art-direction, photography, styling, copy writing, making, film and event planning …

Marije Mulder
co-founder / general direction

Eva van Dongen
co-founder / creative direction

SIMPLY SLOW has the aim to build a community, get together and enjoy precious time with like-minded types, friends and family. The SIMPLY SLOW extended team consist of friends, photographers, foodies, artists, designers, musicians, editors, family & many more creatives, all authentic and slow. We are so proud having them around. SIMPLY SLOW could not have grown without;

Jitske Hagens
Stefanie Maas
Jasmijn Boots
Margot van der Krogt
Leonoor Verplanken
Gugi van der Velde
Danique van Kesteren
Joyce de Lange
Andres de Lange
Maria Stijger
Wenda Torenbosch
Seth Carnill
Marjon Hoogervorst
Saskia Lelieveld
Hanke Arkenbout


‘There is a lot of beauty in ordinary things’