Our first GET TOGETHER is a fact ..

Everyone knows the story of the birds and the bees. Bees are extremely diligent,
by pollinating our flowers and veggies they ensure us our lovely food.
But all is not well with our bees, they are dying all over the globe.

During our bee dinner with MAKER Tom van de Beek we ate a meal, which was an ode to the bee.
It is shocking to realise that the used ingredients could not have been on the menu, if it wasn’t for them!
Perhaps just as fascinating was watching the bees in their new accomodation in Westerpark ‘het Bijenpaleis’.
We are awed by the story of their mathematical precision of building honeycombs
and of dancing their way to good nectar on elected flowers.
Natural beekeeping is a delicate balance and a unique  authentic craft.

Besides the slow and stylish atmosphere, spontaneous laughter, good company and delicious bites
we hopefully did achieve a simple awareness for the bees. We loved it all.
This GET TOGETHER could not have taken place without some amazing people around us:

Tom van de Beek / ILOVEBEEING / Geert van Kerckhove/ Het Bijenpaleis / Jannetje Sjouw at MET SMAAK / MARIE-STELLA-MARIS / NIKO NIKO plantable happiness / IMMEKE / THE BODY SHOP honeymania / Matthijs Bourdrez at SolarSedum /  Photography by Jistke Hagens / Styling by Stefanie Maas / and all our inspirational subscribers .. THANK YOU!