The streets are quiet. It’s early, before 9. The morning sunlight bathes the corner of the Kinkerstraat. A sleepy crowd walks in, enveloped by the comforting smell of fresh coffee. MAKERS Onno van Zanten and Florian Hessel greet us with cups of steaming filter coffee. This is our Panama, Onno tells us. We sip a sweet, full-bodied coffee with tastes of florals, red fruit and strawberries. From the Eastern slopes of Panama’s Volcan Baru to the valleys in Ethiopia’s Yirgacheffe region, Onno details the origin of the coffee process. There’s washed, honey or natural, the three ways to remove the cherry pulp from the coffee bean. Who wants to try roasting? A hand is raised. A sample roast is prepared, slowly but steadily. Aromas of moist grass followed by hay followed by bread float from the roaster. Watch out for the first crack!

We move downstairs for the cupping. Coffee cups are aligned on either side of the wooden table. We take our time, smell the coffee, and slurp it loudly from our spoons. Cup by cup, deciphering the taste of each. Berry-like, nutty, floral, delicate, honey… By 11, the Sunday regulars begin to enter. Caffeinated chatter fills the air. As Onno wraps up, our hearts are content and our bodies fueled. We’re already looking forward to recounting all we have learned the next time we prepare our morning cup of coffee.

Thank you all:

Onno van Zanten, Florian Hessel, LOT SIXTY ONE COFFEE ROASTERS
Danique van Kesteren, 88forever, Margot van der Krogt, The Makers Amsterdam,

and all our subscribers,

with love,

photography by 88forever
text by Margot van der Krogt