We met on a rainy Sunday afternoon in January.

NLstudio’s, a hidden gem in the Jordaan, was a beautiful location for our celebration of the fine craft
of jewelry making with Marike Hauser of atelier LUZ.
The simple yet serene interior exuded enormous warmth, welcoming us inside.
Greeted with fresh pots of tea and platters of fudge, nougat, cashews, and white chocolate.
Candles were scattered throughout, flickering against the open brick wall.
Vintage silver forks and spoons were laid out side by side.
Select an old object and bring it back to life, we were told.
Craft a ring or a necklace, create a pendant, perhaps, or a pair of earrings.
Smooth edges, scratches, details of roses. All exuded the wear and tear of a previous life.
To work we went, Marike assisting along the way.
How can I bend this? Shape this? Soften the edges?
Soft chatter and quiet reflections contrasted the occasional clamping of wrenches and dedicated hammering.
A hymn to MAKING.

A welcomed interruption as Michiel Gosens of the Ecodiamond Company shared his vision
on the reproduction of the diamond-production process.
A contemplative discussion arose about the sustainability of jewelry,
of simple awareness, and concern for the future.

The evening settled in and we handled our creations by candlelight.
“I make everything by hand. I put my heart and passion in every piece I make,” says Marike, smiling.
After today, we can all say the same.

Thank you all:

Marike Hauser,  Atelier Luz, Joyce and Andres de Lange, on a hazy morning photography
Michiel Gosens, The  Ecodiamond Company, Margot van der Krogt, The Makers Amsterdam, Loek Coerwinkel,  NLstudio’s,

and all our subscribers,

with love,

all images by on a hazy morning photography 
text by Margot van der Krogt