We felt the need for warmth, cosiness and getting together.
The apparent arrival of winter made us feel to go for //. WOOL as our third GET TOGETHER.
Wool is natural and organic, pure and honest. Obtaining wool is slow and a true authentic craft.

By sipping our stoneware mugs filled with fresh almond tea our MAKERS
Reny van der Kamp and Mae Engelgeer guide us in their field.
We listen attentively how the warmth of wool moves from sheep to your finest blanket,
musing and slowly fidgeting a string of wool into a thread.

It was great being together against the beautiful backdrop of this evening – COTTONCAKE –
the utmost elegant store of Jorinde and Tess furnished with attention and presenting a lovely collection.
On the menu – white in all shades – a simple nutty couscous, sheep delicacies and steamy celeriac soup.
It was a warm welcome, the company slow and relaxed, the food was good, the wool overwhelming.
Our guest photographer Danique took amazing pictures,
we loved it all!

We cannot wait to fully embrace winter at our BBQ

Thank you all,
Reny van der KampMae Engelgeer / Danique van Kesteren /
and all our subscribers

all photos by Danique van Kesteren, 88 forever