The makers represented in the our WAREHOUSE are carefully chosen and curated by SIMPLY SLOW. We admire our makers for their attention to the process of creation, working with their hands, head and heart. 

Placement on our website is offered on invitation or by application. We make sure to select only the makers who meet our criteria.  We consider - among other - on basis of simply slowness; products and services made with authentic care and skill - without losing an aesthetic eye.

If you are a maker and would like to be part of our international warehouse and growing community, we would love to hear from you.

We feel it as our aim to present you with a careful selection of images and integer words, just the way you handle your work.

To be presented in our warehouse you pay a basic recurring annual fee of 150 € per year ( plus an additional personal one-off presention fee for professional photography / if necessary ) If you are interested please feel free to inquire about our terms and conditions and our makers leaflet.

Please drop us a line at and we will be in touch.


Thank you for your interest!