On Sunday April 13th we are proud to present Amsterdam based designer Marjel van Tilborg as MAKER for our GET TOGETHER on leather. Back in 2008 Marjel searched for a person to repair her bag and became inspired by the last descendent of a generation of bag manufacturers that started in 1928. He taught her the ins and outs of the craft and her label Bagism originated when she received the offer to take over the renowned bag workshop. She jumped at the opportunity to learn all about designing, put together her first Bagism bag  and builds the brand since.

Be on a search for the perfect bag. A retake on classics- deconstructing and constructing again. Giving dedication to a simple design. Invented as a life tool first, shaped for commonplace functionality and contemporary form. Made by hand in Amsterdam, using the best natural materials available. That = BAGISM. The bags have received much praise from an international league of design experts and are available at the Museum of Art and Design in New York and selected design shops in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Designing bags is her passion, a way to develop her creativity in the most natural way. Her workshop in the back of the shop at the Overtoom 93A exudes serenity under a simple skylight. By bumping in from the busy road we were immediately charmed by her wooden drawers holding hidden gems, shreds of the softest leather, tools carefully used, gleaming scissors. Marjel does not use many words to explain her daily business, but what a joy to peek in her creativity. We left her workshop firmly holding our own leather bag. The appreciation for a bag which you carry and treasure every single day has become palpable.

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Marjel van Tilborg, BAGISM

Jitske Hagens

Stefanie Maas

Eva van Dongen

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