The honest simplicity of the work of illustrator Maartje van den Noort is intriguing. We first met Maartje at her light and spacious studio at ‘Het Zeemanshuis’. A huge brickwork block housing creatives nowadays instead of  tough sailors.

We are proud to present Maartje as our MAKER at our upcoming GET TOGETHER on print making at the ‘Grafisch Werkcentrum Amsterdam’, we are really looking forward to.

You might know her from the postcard collection of birds, including a parakeet, jay, golden oriole, blackbird, and more. “People often ask my, why birds? Why nature? In the past I have focused more on people, then I went through a phase of houses and structures and forms. Slowly my interest transferred to nature. I think it was around the time that I admitted to myself that I love to – just – draw, that my work doesn’t always need a concept. Nature is such a complex beautiful subject. Full of contradictions, interesting enough for me to work with.”

Margot van der Krogt has interviewed Maartje for The Makers Amsterdam. The Makers Amsterdam was started in 2013 as an attempt to uncover and portray Amsterdam’s creative entrepreneurs, or ‘makers’.

Read the full interview with Maartje here on The MAKERS Amsterdam.

Maartje van den Noort

Jitske Hagens

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