J.C. HERMAN Ceramics is the name of the Amsterdam-based pottery shop and studio of Herman Verhagen. J.C. HERMAN Ceramics designs, makes and sells ceramics; earthen- and stoneware. All products are handmade on the potter’s wheel. Unique, and round, per definition.

In the  middle of the Jordaan you will find the elegant shop of J.C. HERMAN Ceramics. The studio is visible in the back. Key to the studio is the potter’s wheel… Upon our first visit we were immediately charmed by the chalky shelves, the simple sink and the typical studio tools. Even Herman’s black clogs complemented the serene atmosphere. The serene, quietness overtook. Of course there is clay stacked on the floor. Round shapes everywhere, mugs, cups and pots, fired and ready to be glazed.  This is the heart of Herman’s craft. In the time of mass production and the global economy, it’s good to see an alternative. A small, personal production – made by hand – but even more important, made with care. Crafting clay is a slow process and Herman’s refined designs are timeless.

On March 16 we are proud to present J.C. Herman as our MAKER for our GET TOGETHER Ceramics. He will be accompanied by AtelierNL. Their work is a natural fusion of feasible design and temperate observations of everyday objects. Manon Maatje of Mauk studio will also show us how to turn a wheel with sturdy Amsterdam clay to make beautiful pieces.


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