2015 March 30
PHOTOGRAPHY BY Jitske Hagens, Wij zijn Kees
WORDS BY Eva van Dongen, Orphan Socks
The craft of making natural soap is balance between chemistry and cooking your favourite recipe. Scientifically, soap is the saponification of a fat with lye. But regarding our senses, soap is so much more.

One morning in March we met Margot Rutten from SOaP7 while she was making soap at her laboratory in Haren/ Groningen. At our upcoming get together she will guide us through the field of natural non factory-produced soap. On this morning we got a sneak peek into this fascinating world.

Margot makes soap the way our ancestors did – without any synthetic ingredients or preservatives, but with lots of nutritious olive oil and other natural ingredients instead. We were pretty amazed with her laboratory space. We found simple glass jars with lots of beautiful natural ingredients, clean white jugs and standard kitchen supplies.

The craft of making natural soap is a pure art. “It is finding a balance between chemistry and cooking your favourite recipe” says Margot. She started making soap back in 2004 when she searched for a mild soap for her children’s skin problems.

At that time she lived in Spain and amidst the olive groves and orange trees, her first batches were formed. Freshly picked Aloe Vera and rosemary, goat milk and honey found their way directly from the field to the soap pan.

Back in the Netherlands, family and friends requested soap from Margot and from this SOaP7 was born. The natural soaps of SOaP7 consist of at least 50% olive oil, and in addition different skin conditioning oils are used for smoothing and rich foaming. Every ingredient is a vegetable and if possible organic. Essential oils provide a subtle scent and each ingredient adds beneficially to the character of the soap.

On this morning with Margot we were amazed with it all, the subtle natural colours, the serenity of the laboratory and the beauty of the craft of soap making…and that smell! Thank you Margot for showing us your craft, we are looking forward to our get togethers at Amsterdam and Haren, which you can find here.

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During this afternoon you will learn all about soap making.
Starting with natural ingredients and a soap making recipe we will peek into all tools and supplies required.
At the end you will turn home with your own hand made soap.



The craft of making natural soap is a pure craft.
“It is finding a balance between chemistry and cooking your favourite recipe”
says Margot.



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