Simply Slow: we are alive & kicking! Yesterday we celebrated this milestone, by presenting our new project to family and friends at the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam-Noord. We had a great time with all of you and would like to thank you once again for supporting us in every way.

A special thanks to these lovely people who made this launch an even bigger succes: Reny van der Kamp, Yasmin Havers (Limoncello di Fiorito), Renee Pater (BBrood), Co Konings (Dupont cheeses) and Nathan Wiersma (Kromhouthal). And today we were surprised with this lovely blog written about us by Bloesem:

‘Happy to say that the first  SLOW movement has arrived in the Netherlands now too … launching their website today with a gorgeous look. Founders Eva van Dongen, Marieke Verdenius and Marije Mulder are introducing us to a group of talented and creative ‘Makers’ and bringing a very inviting ‘workshop’ program for the months to come.’  

Thank you Irene : )!

Perhaps you can imagine, we are on cloud nine ! We can’t wait for our first GET TOGETHER in September…

See you there?

Marije, Eva, Jitske, Stefanie & Marieke