We could not wait to fully embrace winter.
So we took the time to get together and celebrate December at our winter-BBQ.
At the bio dynamic farm ‘De Stadshoeve’ in Zunderdorp we found the beautiful spot to light our fire.
We felt very welcome in the utmost Dutch barn of Angela and Albert. It became an amazing lazy late afternoon.
We set our long table between the cattle and the hay whilst rays of winter sunlight filled the room.
Slowness simply overtook ..

This afternoon we learned to make a loaf of bread by MAKER Renee Pater from BBROOD.
In the middle of the barn Pascal Boot thaught us how to knead the perfect dough with just some basic needs: flour, water, sourdough and a little salt.
In the meantime we lighted a warm fire outside in the yard. Sparkling kids baked their bread on large sticks which tasted even better when filled with a sausage. The tasty red-wine-sausages by Brandt & Levie were accompanied by delicate veggies. In the cast iron pan, the stew simmered.
Inside the barn hands were warmed by glühwein and hot chocolate. Cows were milked and strangely but gently stroked by kids hands. The hay bales seemed to be the perfect hide aways for our urban tots.

We embraced the simple life with warm companionship, honest laughter and pure food. Fully satisfied we enjoyed the home baked cookies by Dappepa for dessert. Sitting on a sheepskin, thoughtless dipping marshmallows in winter scented leave tea, we dreamed away ..
Less is so much more when you are surrounded by attentive simplicity.


Thank you all:

Boerderij de Stadshoeve, Angela & Albert / BBROOD, Pascal Boot, Manon Klaver & Renee Pater /
Dapeppa, Dennis van Rijen / delicious. / MARIE-STELLA-MARIS / urbans and indians / ORPHAN SOCKS
and all our subscribers,

with love,


all photos by Jitske Hagens